Getting Ready to Sell

You’ve made the decision to put your home up for sale and now it’s time to get it showcase ready.  Before we even begin discussing your task lists, you need to take the time to “emotionally detach” from your home.  Your attachment is understandable, this is the place where you raised your kids, played with your grandchildren, spent countless family holidays and made many memories.  Walk throughout your home and revisit these old memories and take photos for you and your family to look back on.  Emotionally detaching yourself will enable you to look at your house objectively so that you can change up your décor, repaint the walls a neutral color and begin depersonalizing your home for that new buyer.

Let’s maximize your home’s look by making it clean, streamlined and neutral so that buyers can imagine themselves living there. Here are a few relatively low-budget tasks to get you started:


  • Pressure wash or paint your home’s exterior.   This isn’t a low-budget item but if you can afford it, DO IT! If you can’t afford to paint the entire home then paint the trim and clean and paint the front door. 
  • Update your exterior light fixtures or revitalize them with a coat of paint. Also, ensure you replace any burned out bulbs.
  • Keep the yard nicely trimmed and free of clutter. Weed and freshly mulch your garden beds, freshen up your planters with new flowers and update or add a doormat.
  • Last but certainly not least–well maybe least popular–clean those interior AND exterior windows and don’t forget the ledges.


  • The biggest bang for your buck is a fresh coat of paint to walls, trim and ceilings if needed. If you can’t afford to paint the entire interior, focus on removing nails/screws in walls, patch and paint, touching up walls, doors and baseboards as needed.
  • Go ahead and pack up personal items, excessive decorations, all clutter and remove any excess furniture to make your home have as much floor space as possible. When decluttering focus on surfaces, counters, dressers and shelves.  Also organize your pantry, refrigerator and kitchen drawers.
  • Organize and clean those closets.
  • Clean your light fixtures, consider updating any that are outdated and ensure that all of the bulbs are in working order.
  • Dust shelving and wall art in addition to all vent covers and air returns.
  • Deep clean kitchen and bathrooms. Wipe down refrigerator, oven, range hood and kitchen cabinets.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned if necessary.
  • Don’t forget about Spot, make sure pet areas are contained to one area and clean.

If you’d like a consultation to discuss getting your home ready to show so that it appeals to the most buyers possible, I’d be happy to help.  We can go over your home in detail and discuss whether it makes sense to do certain home repairs or to sell as is.  Feel free to give me a call at 404 862-8244.

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