Getting Offers!

The showings are over and now the offers are coming in! The offer includes many documents with lots of important information on each one.  Without a doubt, the first thing that you will look for is the offer price. Offer price is important, but it’s just ONE of MANY factors to consider when deciding which offer is the best for you. Here are some of the other factors that matter as well:


Defined as “a future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.” The contingency we most often encounter involves the sale of the Buyer’s current home.  The fewer contingencies and the shorter the timeframes the better.


We love cash buyers! There’s no worry of financing falling through as there’s no lender.  


You may be in a situation where you need a quick close or you may need to extend the closing until your new home is ready.  Either way, this will be a deciding factor.


Sometimes a higher price offer comes in but the Buyer wants you to pay a portion of their closing costs.    In cases like this, we need to look at the bottom-line numbers and not just the offer price.


If you don’t have the time or money to make those needed repairs, it might be in your best interest to find a Buyer who will.


Don’t get me wrong, price matters too!  If a high offer costs you more in closing fees, repairs or other factors then it’s not the best offer for you. 

Let’s get your house listed and review those offers together!  Give me a call today. Judy 404 862-8244