AFTER you list your home:

Your home is now listed and out there for everyone to see. Requests for showings will start immediately. You will get as much notice as possible, however always be prepared for that last minute showing request. Remember, we can’t sell it if we don’t show it! LET THE SHOWINGS BEGIN……here are a few tips to help ensure your home showings go as smoothly as possible:


The last thing we want to do is turn down a Buyer’s request to see your home.  We want to show your home to as many potential Buyers as we can and secure you the best offer.   In order to make that happen, we need to be as FLEXIBLE and ACCOMMODATING to the Buyers’ schedule as possible, and avoid having missed opportunities.


Keep all family members INFORMED of when each showing is going to happen so that everyone can keep their areas clean and tidy. Realistically speaking, inform the kids so that they know when it’s time to shove things under their beds. 


Easier said than done, I know, but do your best to keep up with the daily messes.  Make it part of your DAILY routine to wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters before you leave.


Meal prep should be as neutral and simple as possible and avoid STRONG SMELL FOOD.  Better yet, go out to eat more often and you can avoid the clean-up as well.


We love our FURRY FRIENDS but not everyone feels the same!  Potential buyers need to picture themselves living in your home and not everyone is a pet person.  Hide any pet food or litter containers and be sure to clean up after your pet immediately and wash their bedding regularly. Buyers should be noticing your home’s features and not Lucky’s litter box.


Let the NATURAL LIGHT in! Open those blinds and those curtains to let as much natural light in as possible.  Also, leave lights on before each showing.


TRASH causes odors and we’ve already established that odors are not good.  Try and empty your trash cans in the evening in order to keep your home fresh smelling throughout the day.  NOTE: using the scented trash bags does NOT exclude you from this one.  Take it out!


All valuables and prescriptions need to be out of site and secured in a safe place.  Better safe than sorry!


You being in your home while the Buyers are there for the showing is just AWKWARD!  We want the Buyers to feel at home and take their time looking around your home and this won’t happen if you’re still there.  Go out to eat or take your FURRY FRIEND for a walk.   

Give me a call so we can get your home listed and sold quickly for top dollar. I look forward to talking with you.          Judy 404-862-8244

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