You want an active adult community, but comparing options, knowing what’s
available, and staying in budget can be overwhelming. The Bailey Team Real
Estate is here to help you find the perfect community to meet your needs.

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No More Yard Hassles!

Taking care of a house and yard can be exhausting, especially when you just want to enjoy the simpler things in life instead. Well-designed Communities take on all the maintenance so you don’t have to!

Activities to Keep You Young

Active Adult Communities in North Georgia offer just the right amount of amenities, special interest groups, and clubs to keep you as busy as you’d like so you can stay connected and live well.

Live Your Best Life

Throughout life, your needs change. What you needed when you had a budding career and family is different than the simpler life you want to live today. Your perfect new community awaits!

We’re here to help you enjoy life again

A walk around the house shouldn’t fill you with dread. If every walk reminds you of an ever-growing To Do list that you just don’t want to take care of anymore, it might be time to make a move.
Active Adult Communities in North Georgia are nestled in the best spots with excellent amenities. There are so many properties to choose from and so many amenities to compare.
You don’t have to navigate it alone, we’re here to help.

How does this work, anyway?

First, We listen

We listen to you gush about your hopes and desires for your new community and home.

Then, We Search

We know these communities well. We will search and show you exactly what you’re looking for.

Then, You thrive!

Get the best deal on a home that makes the next chapter of your life exciting!

A Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

Throughout life, your needs continue to change. What was true for one season may not be true for your housing needs now. You’ve been looking for solutions, but you’re not quite certain who to turn to for help.
Judy Bailey with The Bailey Team Real Estate has been helping your North Georgia neighbors sell their existing properties and move into new Active Adult Communities that suit their needs.
If you are wondering what your house is worth or how much new home you can afford, give her a call. She’d be delighted to chat with you and hear about your changing needs.

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